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Client Magnet Boot Camp

Hosted by
Melinda Miné , Spa Marketing & Revenue Strategist

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February 11th
3:00 pm EST

Here's what you'll learn

How to identify your Ideal Client

First thing is to get really clear on your ideal client. If you define her, you can find her! No one wants to acquire a client who doesn't value their time or expertise. I want clients who no-show, arrive late and price shoppers who aren't loyal to me NO ONE SAID EVER!!!

We're going to get really clear on who you serve and then how to position yourself to ATTRACT this client!

How to gain , FREE PR, Sponsorship and MORE!!

You will learn how to gain partnerships, collaborations and locate opportunities to highlight YOU and your offerings. Your e-book will provide you with countless ways to secure FREE PR! I mean if you could afford a PR agency you wouldn't be taking this course plus why pay for it if you can get it for FREE.99

ZERO Cost Marketing Strategies

In the end nothing is ever truly free. However, I can show you little to no cost marketing strategies to increase your brand recognition. Granted, it will COST you your time but you won't have to spend your hard earned cash!

How to execute a targeted marketing campaign

It's important to get really clear on the specific purpose of any marketing campaign. You must laser in on a specific result. You'll be able to construct a cohesive marketing campaign that will truly SPEAK to your client and prompt the desired result. No more casting a wide net hoping for the best. Execute with precision and get the results that will keep your appointment book filled

How to improve Client Acquistion and Retention

You can't effectively have one without the other. Learn how to not only improve your Client Acquisition but also Retention. In addition, you want to make sure your methods aren't costing you $$$ You will learn how to calculate your CAC, CRR, CLV and learn about other important KPI's to monitor in your business. NOW if you're staring at those like WHAT!? Even more reason you need this course :)

A JAM PACKED Digital Toolkit to help you become a Client Magnet !

Your virtual backpack will include PR for Dummies e-book, A client magnet workbook to assist you in developing your Client Magnet road map, a social media workbook to assist you in navigating the digital marketing landscape, along with a targeted market workbook and brand identity worksheet! These tools will help you well beyond this e-course

IMPORTANT you will have 2 weeks of unlimited replay access!


About Melinda Miné

Melinda Miné is a Marketing and Revenue Strategist who partners with Spa Professionals to build their brand, their business and their Bank Account! After spending 15 years in the spa industry as skin studio owner, spa director, post grad educator, national trainer and account executive for multi-million dollar brands Melinda knows what truly drives a profitable business. Whether you're seeking to start a new business or expand your business Melinda is the industry's leading business growth specialist!

February 11th
3:00 pm EST